Meet Margaret, our Consumer & Participant Advisor

December, 2017

December, 2017

When older Australians and people with a disability start navigating the supports that are available to them, the process can be overwhelming. That's where Margaret comes in. As our Consumer & Participant Advisor, Margaret is here to assist when you need a hand.

With a Certificate 3 in Aged Care and a real sense of compassion, Margaret's skillset made her a natural fit for this role. We sat down with Margaret to ask her more about why she chose to join the HenderCare team.

Q&A with Margaret

Tell us about your role as HenderCare's Consumer & Participant Advisor.

Aged Care services in Australia have seen significant change over the past year. As HenderCare's Consumer & Participant Advisor, I assist older people and people with a disability to access services through My Aged Care and the NDIS. I also provide information on the services that may be available to consumers, participants and their families. My role involves face-to-face meetings with potential consumers and participants to provide additional support and advice as required.

Why did you first decide to work in aged care with HenderCare?

I love working with older people. This passion began when I was 18 and worked at Helping Hand as a carer. It was an incredible privilege to be gifted with the opportunity to care for people who had endured the World Wars and Great Depression. Now, working with older people living in the community, I’m looking forward to supporting older Australians to continue living their best life possible.

What do you enjoy about working in your role with us?

The Consumer & Participant Advisor role provides me with the opportunity to constantly strive toward contributing to the well being of consumers. Navigating the path to receiving support at home can sometimes feel daunting for older people and their families. I love being able to accompany them on this journey to achieve best possible outcomes. I am passionate about contributing toward the continuous improvement of our services at HenderCare and love working alongside colleagues who are fun, innovative and passionate.

Get in touch with Margaret

Margaret supports consumers and participants right across Australia. Wherever you are located, if you, or someone in your life, needs a hand to work out what services are available to support you, you can reach Margaret on (08) 8100 8850 or send her a message via