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HenderCare Foundation is an independent not-for-profit children’s services organisation, improving the lives of vulnerable children and young people living with disabilities or under the care of child protection services and who are unable to live in their family home.

Delivering safe, nurturing and stable environments, we provide temporary, short-term and long-term, or immediate response accommodation. Working off a trauma-informed, therapeutic model of care, at the Foundation we aim to provide child and youth support services that provide self-confidence and help develop resilience.

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At HenderCare Foundation, we know that our team is our greatest asset. Working with HenderCare Foundation gives you the flexibility to choose a schedule that suits your lifestyle and offers a range of other benefits.

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Latest News

Shooting Stars Update

  • October 2023

    2 mins

Since our last update, the 2022 HenderCare Remote Communities grant recipient, Shooting Stars, has been busy.

They have continued to provide participants with their holistic mental health and wellbeing program, Deadly Minds Matter, but have also held a successful community event in Whyalla!

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Australian Schools Plus Update

  • August 2023

    1 min

The recipient of the 2022 HenderCare Foundation Disability Grant, Australian Schools Plus, continues to help extend educational opportunities to children within the community.

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Shooting Stars Update

  • August 2023

    3 mins

The 2022 HenderCare Foundation Remote Communities Grant recipient, Shooting Stars, continues empowering Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander girls and women. The staff, 85% of whom are Aboriginal women, walk alongside Shooting Stars students throughout their schooling journeys.

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