HenderCare Foundation

The HenderCare Foundation provides contracted out of home care services for children and young people in South Australia. Our team is always conscious of our responsibility to provide the highest standards of care to vulnerable children. We vet our team carefully, to make sure we are providing only the most empathetic and suitably qualified workers. Working with children and young people living in out of home care gives us the opportunity to support a group of young South Australians in need of a quality alternative care environment. 

We endorse the Charter of Rights for Children and Young People, which states:

You have the right to feel good about yourself by:

  • being treated like other children and young people who do not live in care
  • knowing who you are and your history
  • knowing that people care about you
  • understanding where your family is
  • knowing about your culture
  • if you are Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander, knowing about your cultural and spiritual identity and your community
  • having all of your personal things kept safe - like photographs, school reports and special belongings
  • developing your talents and interests, like sport or art
  • keeping in contact with the people who help you feel good about yourself

You have the right to live in a place where you are safe and cared for. This means a place where:

  • people understand and respect your culture
  • you are not hurt or made to feel bad
  • you have someone to talk to
  • you get treated with respect
  • things are fair
  • your thoughts and opinions are asked for and considered
  • you get nutritious food
  • you get decent clothes
  • you have your own bed
  • you have your own 'space' or a place where you can have some time on your own if you want it
  • you have people caring for you who have special training about your needs
  • you don't have to move too much
  • you know who to go to if you have a problem or want to complain about something

You have the right to get the help you want or need. This means:

  • regular support and contact from your worker
  • a plan which shows how and when you will be cared for
  • a special plan for when you are leaving care
  • a good education
  • extra support if you have special education needs
  • extra support if you have a disability
  • medical, dental and other care when you need it
  • preparation for employment and to live independently
  • support and a place to live when you leave care

You have the right to understand and have a say in the decisions that affect you. This means:

  • understand why you are in care
  • add information to your personal file
  • express your opinion about things that affect you
  • be involved in what is decided about your life and your care
  • know and be confident that personal information about you will not be shared without good reason
  • speak to someone who can act on your behalf when you cannot do this

You have rights.

If you feel that you are not being listened to or you need someone who can act on your behalf; if you want to make a complaint, this is what you can do:

  • speak to your carer
  • speak to your worker
  • speak to the supervisor at your worker's office
  • speak to the Guardian's Office on 1800 275 664 or 8226 8570
  • if it is after hours and urgent you can phone the Crisis Response Unit on 13 16 11

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