Children’s Services

The Foundation is committed to providing a safe, nurturing, stable and secure environment for children and young people under the Guardianship or Custody of the Chief Executive, Department for Child Protection (DCP), or other order or authority, through the provision of residential care services.

At HenderCare Foundation, we provide DCP Temporary Staff Services (TSS) and HenderCare Foundation Residential Care (including Placement and Support Packages PaSP); these services can include temporary, short-term, long-term or immediate response accommodation and support to children and young people who cannot reside in their family home. With a strong commitment to provide a safe environment for children and young people, our DCP residential care services operate 24 hours per day, every day of the year.

In accordance with DCP service requirements, Foundation team members providing direct care will: 

  • create a secure and stable environment
  • ensure the safety of all children and young people 
  • provide nurturing care 
  • provide developmental opportunities 
  • provide relational healing opportunities 
  • support educational, recreational and community-based activities 
  • support and encourage children/young people to attend appointments, such as medical appointments and school
  • provide opportunities for children and young people to develop independent living skills 
  • include children and young people in household decisions where appropriate 

The focus and delivery of all Foundation services is underpinned by our guiding philosophy that children and young people thrive in a safe and nurturing environment.

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