Quality, Feedback & Complaints

HenderCare Foundation operates on a model of continuous improvement. Supported by a comprehensive Integrated Management System (IMS) and operating under all relevant standards, we encourage and welcome feedback in order to help us improve on the quality of our service delivery.

Standards and accreditations 

The Foundation delivers residential care services for children and young people; each house is subject to licensing approval, compliance and monitoring by the Department for Child Protection as a Children’s Residential Facility.

Quality, safety, and theenvironment are high priorities for everyone at HenderCare Foundation. We recognise our responsibilityto provide reliable, highquality service to our clients. 

We haveimplemented an Integrated Management System (IMS) that meets the requirements of quality, safety and environmental standards ISO 9001:2015ISO 45001:2018 and ISO 14001:2015.  

We believe our IMS produces efficient and effective execution of works by minimising and, where possible, preventing risk of errors in service provision and workplace incidents. 

Our IMS is monitored, audited and continually improved to ensure our service delivery constantly meets the highest measurable standard. 

Our IMS also reflects the NDIS Practice Standards and NDIS Code of Conduct.

Feedback and Complaints

We always welcome feedback. This helps us review our policies, processes, instructions and performance to make sure we are always delivering quality services. Feedback can come from children and young people, their families, friends, members of the public, caseworkers, referring entities and HenderCare Foundation team members. 

We always listen and make sure we action any feedback that requires us to make changes to a particular service or the overall system. This is part of our commitment to continuous improvement. 

Need Easy Read? Click here to download our Easy Read ‘How to make a complaint’ document.

To make a complaint, please contact HenderCare:

For further information, please click here to view our Feedback and Complaints Procedure.

NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission

Australian Human Rights Commission

  • Phone: 1300 656 419
  • Online:gov.au

Consumer and Business Services SA

Complaints to Consumer and Business Services SA can be lodged:

NDIS participants purchasing products and services also have rights and protections under the Australian Consumer Law (ACL), including provisions on customer guarantees and unfair contract terms. Consumer and Business Services SA provides information and advice and, in some cases, dispute resolution services for customer disputes under the ACL.

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