Children’s Charity Network Update

  • 2 mins

The Children’s Charity Network has wasted no time utilising the grant it received through the HenderCare Foundation, facilitated by the Morialta Trust!

The not-for-profit recently provided its Young Indigenous Teens Program to students at Ceduna Area School, Koonibba Aboriginal School, Penong Primary School, Yalata Anangu School, and Oak Valley Aboriginal School.

The program mentors and supports underrepresented young Indigenous teens and introduces psycho-educational art and literary workshops to create opportunities for social connection and to build skills and knowledge for improved mental health.

In early June, illustrator and writer Sally Heinrich presented the program to students, introducing the concepts of different art forms. Sally saw many of the children enjoy their time and become engaged with the different art techniques she was teaching.

“All the students were engaged and seemed to enjoy a technique they hadn’t had exposure to before. There’s always something a little magical about making prints, and even kids who think they’re no good at art can get a great result.”

Even the teachers at the schools were impressed with the program. Just read a few of the selected testimonials below:

“Students were engaged and curious”.
“Fantastic lesson, kids were engaged. They loved the activity”.
“Excellent workshop. Well-presented, informative and students were highly engaged”.

“We loved watching the processes of how you start with something very simple, map it and produce a final product. It’s a very valuable learning insight for our students. They grew in their thought and artistic process within this short time! Thank you”.

We are thrilled to see just how beneficial this program was for the students who participated, and we are proud that we were able to help support the Children’s Charity Network in this endeavour.

To learn more about the Children’s Charity Network, visit their website here.

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