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  • What is self-regulation?

    • July 2021

      1 min

    In this short video, HenderCare’s occupational therapist, Nihalee, explains what self-regulation is. A great video for parents or carers to help them better understand their child’s needs. Talk to our therapy team today on 1300 764 433 to find out more about how occupational therapy services can benefit a child with self-regulation challenges.

  • The right support

    • June 2021

      3 mins

    For many NDIS participants, applying for funding is just one step in the process of accessing the supports they require – there’s also the issue of what to do with the money once it comes through. And it’s a huge concern, with a recent NDIS report finding 30 per cent of funding has gone unclaimed. […]

  • Training for the future

    • June 2021

      3 mins

    Supporting clients with a range of complex medical issues means working in disability care goes beyond a paper qualification. Ongoing training and support from industry professionals and clinical experts is key to building a skilled workforce capable of providing the highest quality support to some of the most vulnerable members of society. “We make sure […]

  • Jobs for life

    • May 2021

      3 mins

    With an increasing number of South Australians with disabilities receiving NDIS funding, the demand for services has never been higher – good news for people working within the sector, but bad news for disability service providers reeling from a shortage of new recruits. It’s a dilemma shared by many organisations, including HenderCare, which has been […]

  • So, why is strength training important? In technical terms, muscle strength refers to the ability of a muscle or muscle group to exert maximal force against a resistance. Strength often acts as the foundation to which other skills are built upon. It is difficult to have great mobility or balance if the muscles required for […]

  • We spoke with HenderCare’s RN Clinical Educator, Teresa Barter, about the importance for setting healthy goals in the new year to maintain a consistent and balanced lifestyle. Teresa says she wants to remind people that making positive changes to your health and lifestyle does not require massive (and often daunting) changes, but rather small steps […]

  • Purchasing PPE with NDIS funding

    • January 2021

      3 mins

    Here at HenderCare we understand COVID-19 has changed the way many of us go about our daily lives. For so many NDIS participants, particularly those living in areas with active COVID-19 cases, it has become increasingly important Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is easily accessible to ensure protection for both participants and workers. The NDIA have […]

  • This month we recognise Sensory Processing Awareness Month. The month is about educating others on what sensory processing disorder is (SPD)

  • Occupational therapists play a vital role in supporting those with a disability and older people; they help people to maintain and improve their independence and physical safety in some of life’s daily activities. We sat down with one of HenderCare’s occupational therapists, Rachel, to discuss in more detail what occupational therapy involves. What is occupational […]

  • We recently sat down with HenderCare’s Senior Physiotherapist, Varisha to discuss how her skills assist older people and those living with a disability to reach their goals. What is physiotherapy? Physiotherapy involves the use of physical techniques to help improve a range of health indicators including movement, strength, balance and gross motor skills. As a […]

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