Allied Health

  • If your child is 0-7 years old and is currently accessing NDIS through the early intervention pathway, you probably hear the NDIS talk a lot about the ‘Key Worker’ and having a ‘Key Worker’, but what is it?

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  • So, what does this look like? OTs can provide support in many different ways across the lifespan to people with different needs based on their disability or health condition, skills and life circumstances, and most importantly, their therapy goals. They can support their clients to build their skills to increase their participation in everyday activities,

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  • Sensory Food Needs

    • April 2023

      2 mins

    Many people have food they like and food they don’t, but for neurodivergent children and adults, this can extend into sensory needs that make some foods safe and others stressful to eat.

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  • What a big week ahead of us… not only are kids about to start School Holiday’s, but the AFL ‘Gather Round’ starts tonight!

    Australia has a strong sporting culture, with people usually getting involved from a young age.

    Sport is an important part of life, especially for children, with the benefits of physical activity invaluable. This is the same for children with disabilities.

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  • School Holiday Therapy Groups

    • March 2023

      3 mins

    Do you know a child who might benefit from practising their social skills in a group setting? Run by experienced allied health therapists, we are offering two school holiday programs; Social Butterflies and Social Builders both North and South of Adelaide, SA.

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  • Swallowing is a vital part of life. Humans swallow 500 -700 times a day, but most people don’t think about swallowing or what might go wrong with it.

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  • Mental health is something that affects everyone and can impact our lives in physical and emotional ways.

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  • Big feelings in little people!

    • February 2023

      2 mins

    Young children are already trying to make sense of the world around them, so when they have emotions in response to this, it can be difficult for them to understand.

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  • How much do you know about Social Work?

    HenderCare’s Social Work Team provide therapy services to young children with varying needs, including trauma backgrounds and disabilities.

    Working 1:1 with a child, our therapists focus on developing the client’s emotional awareness and self-regulation.

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  • Therapy Thursday – AAC

    • November 2022

      1 min

    Speech therapists spend their lives saying “model, model, model”.

    But what does that mean?

    People learn to communicate by watching, copying, and exploring, so modelling Augmentative and Alternative Communication is extremely valuable in encouraging verbal communication in children. 

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