How to stay motivated this winter

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With the colder weather starting to set in, it can be harder and harder to stay motivated to complete physical activities or even get out of the house!

The ‘winter blues’ is common in the colder months and can negatively impact your physical and mental health.

It’s vital to keep the body moving, especially during winter. Not only does physical activity help to keep your body healthy and fit, but it also positively impacts your mental well-being.

HenderCare Senior Physiotherapist, Varisha, shares five tips with us on how to stay motivated this winter!

5 Tips to keep motivated to Exercise in the colder weather

  • Set a goal or join a challenge

By setting and working towards a goal, you can track your progress and are more likely to stay on track. Ensure that your goal is realistic and well-planned to keep you focused.

  • Workout with a buddy

Working out with friends can help improve your motivation; friends can help keep you accountable and make the activity fun!

  • Dress appropriately for your activity

If you plan on going for a run or a walk outdoors, ensure you are dressed in suitable clothing (consider purchasing winter-appropriate activewear).

  • Try something new

Why not break the monotony and try something different, like swimming or a dance class?

  • Warm up before heading out to avoid injury

As the winter weather makes our bodies colder than usual, it’s essential to stretch and warm up before exercising to prevent the risk of injury. Ensure that you warm up the muscles that you will be using during your exercise (e.g. for a run, try starting with a brisk walk, doing lunges or leg swings to get the blood pumping in your lower body)

*Please consult a GP or health professional before starting new physical activities.

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