Dysphagia – A hard diagnosis to swallow

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Swallowing is a vital part of life. Humans swallow 500 -700 times a day, but most people don’t think about swallowing or what might go wrong with it.

Dysphagia is the medical term to describe difficulty in swallowing, which may include problems with:

  • swallowing
  • sucking
  • drinking
  • chewing
  • eating
  • managing saliva
  • taking medication

Difficulty swallowing may limit what you can eat or drink and affect how you socialise or interact with others. Dysphagia can also lead to significant health problems.

At HenderCare, our speech pathologist team understands the impact of swallowing difficulties on your quality of life. They will work with you to identify and achieve your goals around safe and enjoyable mealtimes.

Our experienced speech pathologists can conduct a swallowing assessment and make recommendations on:

  • strategies that can be used to optimise your safety and enjoyment while eating and drinking
  • adaptive equipment to support your independence at mealtimes
  • types of foods and drinks that will be safer and more comfortable for you to ingest

They can provide information about preparing modified diets or fluids and offer training to yourself, family members and paid care staff. They can also assist you to source and access mealtime equipment and products.

The team provide services to a wide range of clients with developmental, acquired, and progressive conditions and can attend your home or community service provider. You can also visit our clinic for assessment and intervention if you prefer.

Our speech pathologists can provide follow-up assessment and swallowing rehabilitation services, including reintroducing oral intake or dietary upgrades following an acute illness, sudden physical deterioration, or discharge home from the hospital.

To learn more about speech pathology services, contact the team at alliedhealth@hendercare.com.au or call on 1300 764 433 to arrange a swallowing assessment and mealtime support input from a speech pathologist.

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