Do you remember when...?

September, 2018

September, 2018

This is the question that former broadcaster, Bob Byrne has been asking our community since 2013. What started as a small hobby has now blossomed into an online community of close to 180,000 followers and a series of published books.

At HenderCare we are thrilled to announce Bob Byrne as one of our brand ambassadors!

Adelaide Remember When  and Australia Remember When  are two Facebook pages where Bob pays homage to the ‘Baby Boomer’ generation and researches products, events and life in general as it was and reflects on these memories.

With a history in radio broadcasting in Adelaide, Bob has skilfully combined his love of research and history to engage with his community and at HenderCare, we can’t get enough!

Remembering stories from our past is an essential part of creating and maintaining both individual and shared identities and has been shown to help improve emotional wellbeing and reduce depressive symptoms as we age. Bob’s work in so effectively engaging with Baby Boomers is a large reason which we follow his pages and, in exciting news, why we have engaged with him to be an Ambassador for HenderCare.

“We are delighted to welcome Bob to the HenderCare family”, HenderCare CEO Amanda Blight has commented, “his work continues to make such a positive difference to our community, particularly those older members of our community who may feel socially isolated.”

Bob will commence his ambassadorial role in October of 2018 and you can expect to see him in a range of online videos soon featuring our own HenderCare clients.

We look forward to working with Bob and are excited to see the positive influence his work will have with our customers.