If you are a person living with pressure sores, or limited mobility, purchasing a bed and a pressure care mattress which helps with ease of movement and comfort is something you are likely to have considered.

The My Aged Care Portal helps you find out about the types of aged care services available, your eligibility for services, service providers in your area, costs and more. It’s a service provided by the Australian Government which you can access after contacting the My Aged Care contact centre.

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) has created a huge change in the way Australians with disabilities access care and support services. The NDIS provides people with a permanent and significant disability under 65 years access to support services that help them take part in everyday activities and achieve their goals.

Thank you to the Sunday Mail for this great story on the weekend. The story highlights the importance of matching clients to the best suited team members and creating a continuity of service for a supported relationship. 


This is the question that former broadcaster, Bob Byrne has been asking our community since 2013. What started as a small hobby has now blossomed into an online community of close to 180,000 followers and a series of published books.

At HenderCare we are thrilled to announce Bob Byrne as one of our brand ambassadors!

Winter is hanging on and we encourage all our customers and staff to follow some simple tips to help keep yourselves and others safe on the roads this wet season.

HenderCare recognises our responsibility to provide reliable, high quality service to our clients. 

At HenderCare, we are lucky to employ some of the most amazing and caring staff to support our consumers and participants. Employing around 1200 staff nationally, our staff are making a positive difference to thousands of Australians who rely on external help. While we know that our staff are amazing, it’s always nice to hear this from our customers.

Diabetes Australia describes diabetes as a “serious complex condition which can affect the entire body. Diabetes requires daily self care and if complications develop, diabetes can have a significant impact on quality of life and can reduce life expectancy.” It has been shown that while there is no known cure it is possible to manage the condition.

If you currently receive aged care services and live in South Australia, we invite you to be a member of our South Australian Aged Care Consumer & Carer Reference Group.