Home Care Packages FAQs

At HenderCare, we believe that a Home Care Package is a brilliant way to support your independence. In-home care can make a real difference to your quality of life. Navigating the Home Care Packages pathway can feel overwhelming, but we are always here to help. We’ve put together this FAQ after lots of discussion with consumers in the community.

How do I know if I can get a Home Care Package (HCP)?


Any older Australian with a Medicare card can apply for a Home Care Package. We can help you get started.

Once you lodge an application, ACAT/ACAS will be in touch to arrange an assessment with you. After your assessment, you’ll receive a letter telling you if you are eligible for a HCP, and at what level. The period between approval and assignment of a Home Care Package currently varies between anything from several weeks to 12 months or more.

If you would like to have a chat about whether or not you are eligible for a Home Care Package, we are only a phone call away. Call HenderCare on 1300 764 433 and ask to speak with one of our Home Care Package Coordinators.

How can a Home Care Package help you?

Your Home Care Package helps you access support while still in your home. Our team are ready to support you with:

  • keeping your home clean and tidy
  • assisting with home and garden maintenance and modifications
  • taking you shopping, or doing your shopping for you
  • preparing nutritious meals with you – or for you, if you prefer
  • taking you to appointments or engagements
  • social support, which can be sharing time together over a cup of tea, or going with you to social functions
  • personal care to make sure you can shower and dress safely and independently
  • allied health needs, including occupational therapy, speech pathology, physiotherapy and psychology services
  • assistive technology, which can be equipment or devices that help you with daily tasks, as well as communication and mobility
  • nursing care, which can include wound care, managing skin integrity, continence management and medication management

Your Home Care Package funds are designed to support you. This means your funds can also be used for products and equipment that will assist you at home. If you need bandages, skin creams, equipment purchase or rental, home modifications (ramps, shower rails), easy-access tools (kettles, cutlery, soft taps), telehealth or emergency alarms, let us know and we can discuss how these can fit into your budget.

Four levels of Home Care support for you

There are four levels of Home Care Packages:

Level 1

For people with basic care needs. A level 1 package gives you $24.46 a day in funding. To find out what a level 1 Home Care Package might look like for you, meet William.

Level 2

For people with low-level care needs. A level 2 package gives you $43.03 a day in funding. To see what a level 2 Home Care Package can offer, meet Clarissa.

Level 3

For people with intermediate care needs. A level 3 package gives you $93.63 a day in funding. To discover what a level 3 Home Care Package can support you with, meet Maria and Peter.

Level 4

For people with high care needs. A level 4 package gives you $141.94 a day in funding. To see how a level 4 Home Care Package could help you, meet John and Hannah.

How can HenderCare ensure the highest quality services?


We are a Quality Endorsed Organisation that is regularly audited to ensure that we are doing what we promise. As a part of this, we seek regular feedback from consumers and run regular Consumer Reference Groups. This feedback helps us identify any improvements needed, and confirms we are meeting the needs of the consumers using our services.

All of our staff have the required background checks and necessary qualifications relevant to their roles. Our team participate in regular professional development and we fully support the Aged Care Quality Standards. This is why we are confident that our service delivery is of the highest standard at all times.

How much will a Home Care Package cost me?


Depending on your assessed needs, the Government will contribute funds towards your package. We will talk you through an individualised budget that complements your care needs and allows for a tailored care plan to be set up for you. We understand the need for good financial management and our aim is to provide the highest level of service at the lowest cost to you. We pride ourselves on transparency, and will happily demonstrate what your weekly Home Care Package budget might look like.

What is the HenderCare difference?


At HenderCare your choices are our priority. You control what services you receive and when, as well as who delivers them.

At HenderCare, we also work hard to ensure you have the same familiar face at your door each week. No more confusion around who is coming and when.

With hundreds of staff employed locally, we can assist with your cleaning, personal care, gardening, transport, nursing, therapy services and more.

I want to connect with a real person to find out more. Who can I call?

We understand that navigating the path to receiving support at home can sometimes feel daunting. We welcome phone and email enquiries. We can visit you in your home for a free, no-obligation consultation.

What happens at the consultation?

With a Consumer Directed Care (CDC) approach, we will guide you through the process and answer any questions you have – no two consultations are the same as no two people are the same. Standard points of discussion include a transparent breakdown of package inclusions and fee structure.

What next?

To arrange a no-obligation chat with one of our friendly Home Care Package representatives, please give us a call on 1300 764 433, or send us a message and we will be in touch.

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