What is an Allied Health Assistant?

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Allied health assistants (AHAs) can play a role in the delivery of Allied Health services, but you may be wondering, what is an AHA?

We recently spoke with Zoe, our Allied Health Manager in WA to learn more about Allied Health Assistants.

What is an Allied Health Assistant?

An Allied Health Assistant (AHA) works under the supervision of an Allied Health professional to assist with therapeutic programs and capacity building activities. AHA’s can play a vital role in the provision of high-quality Allied Health services across occupational therapy, speech therapy, and physiotherapy.

What services can an AHA assist with?

A large range of tasks and activities, including the delivery of face-to-face programs and non-face to face clinically-related supports (e.g. resource development).

Why might an AHA be used instead of a specialist? (physiotherapist, speech pathologist etc.)

While AHAs aren’t a replacement for Allied Health professionals, they can add great value by making the outcomes of service delivery more efficient, effective and lasting. In particular, the reduced costs of an AHA allow for more frequent and ongoing support for both participants and their families.

How might an AHA be beneficial to clients?

AHA’s implement programs or routines that involve frequent repetition, such as exercise programs, communication programs or training in activities of daily living (e.g. cooking). AHA’s can provide participants with access to more regular input, helping to achieve their goals in the most efficient manner.

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