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June is Aphasia Awareness Month, and today on June 3 we recognise ‘Wednesday With our Words’.

While in the midst of coronavirus (COVID-19), HenderCare has continued to provide care to clients, adapting services where necessary.

April Falls Month might sound a little like April Fool’s Day, but this awareness month is no laughing matter.

During this time of the coronavirus (COVID-19) we understand that people may be feeling more anxious than normal. However, having contact and conversations with others is more important now than ever.

With the Coronavirus (COVID-19) changing the way all of us go about our daily lives, the health industry is working to ensure that those who need continued care and support still receive it during this unusual period.

COVID-19 is having an impact on the way that people are accessing their regular health services.

With community social distancing now in place, many providers, including HenderCare, are looking at alternative ways to ensure clients are able to more safely access the services they need.