Discover Speech Therapy at HenderCare

  • 2 mins

At HenderCare, we love to help people of all ages reach their fullest through our therapy services.

Today, we are focusing on our speech therapy services, which can help with various communication and swallowing problems.

Our expert speech therapists are here to help anyone facing these challenges. We use personalised and goal-based therapy treatments to achieve the best possible outcomes. Our services include:

Help with Verbal Communication: For people with speech difficulties, language delays, voice issues, stuttering, or other speech problems, our speech therapists can do detailed assessments to find the issue and create custom treatment plans. The main goal is improving communication skills and helping individuals engage in daily activities.

Support for Communication Tools: We can offer Augmented and Alternative Communication (AAC) systems and assistive technology for those with severe communication disorders. These tools can help or replace speech, providing new ways for people to connect with others.

Improving Reading and Writing: We can help individuals improve their reading, writing, and spelling skills. Our strategies and resources support daily routines and can help individuals recognise important signs and symbols, boosting their independence and confidence.

Safe Eating Tips: Swallowing problems can be dangerous, causing choking and malnutrition. Our speech therapists can provide strategies and tips to ensure safe eating, allowing individuals with swallowing issues to eat safely and enjoy their meals.

For more information or to inquire about our services, please contact us at or call 1300 764 433. To explore our full range of therapy services, click here.

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