HenderCare scraps exit fees for Home Care Packages

June, 2017

June, 2017

As of February this year, Home Care Package consumers were given the choice of changing service providers if they wanted to. Most service providers charge an exit fee if a consumer decides to change providers. At HenderCare, we decided to scrap exit fees to make it easier for older Australians.

Exit fees and Home Care Packages

HenderCare CEO Amanda Blight noted that exit fees were a big hurdle for older Australians who want to change service providers. "We listened to what our consumers and their families were saying, that they wanted true freedom to choose who comes into their home to support them. From there, it was an easy decision to make. We scrapped exit fees immediately," she said.

"As an organisation, we decided that one of the most effective ways we could remove a substantial barrier to real consumer choice was to remove exit fees for Home Care Package consumers," she said.

HenderCare's Consumer & Participant Advisor

Scrapping exit fees is just one of the things we changed. We have also welcomed Margaret, our Consumer & Participant Advisor to the team. Margaret is here to help consumers and their families understand all of the options that are open to them. You can meet Margaret here.

What is a Home Care Package?

Home Care Packages are designed to help you stay comfortably in your own home for longer. Funded by the Federal Government, they help older Australians maintain their independence safely at home. There are four levels of packages with varying levels of care and support. 

If you're curious about what each level of Home Care Package might look like, meet William (level 1)Clarissa (level 2), Maria and Peter (level 3) and John and Hannah (level 4).

Let's start the conversation

For a chat about exit fees and how we can help you navigate Home Care Packages, give our Consumer & Participant Advisor Margaret a call on (08) 8100 8850.