Wings for Life World Run

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Suffering a spinal cord injury eight years ago, HenderCare team member, Harriet, recently took part  in the Wings for Life World Run. We sat down with Harriet to tell us more about the event and what it means to her.

What is the Wings for life world run?

The Wings for Life World Run started in 2014 by Wings For Life – a not-for-profit spinal cord research foundation. Their mission is to find a cure for spinal cord injuries by funding the world-class research and clinical trials that look into healing the injured spinal cord.

The run is unique in that everyone who takes part all over the world starts at the same time as each other, and this can happen at all hours of the day depending on where you live. It happened in Adelaide on Sunday the 9th of May at 8:30 pm, so every runner had a head torch attached.

Another unique part of the run is the ‘virtual catcher car’ that tracks and, eventually, overtakes you signalling your time to finish the race.

Why did you want to take part in this event?

I wanted to take part in the run as it raises money for an injury and a cause that has a very personal and special meaning to me.

I suffered a serious spinal cord injury eight years ago and went through 2 months in hospital before commencing months of rehab to learn how to walk and feed myself again.

It was quite a scary period of my life, but I recognise how lucky I am to be back to my normal function of movement and health when so many are not in that position after suffering a spinal cord injury.

Since my injury, I have wanted to do whatever I can in a small way to raise money and awareness for spinal cord injuries and the research and work behind them.

The (Wings For Life) run on Sunday had an amazing atmosphere. It was really exciting. You could see how inclusive it was with both able-bodied individuals involved and those living with a disability, including many wheelchair uses.

It felt really special to be there. I am so glad an event like this is available for everyone to be involved in, to raise awareness around spinal cord injuries and the work that needs to be done in improving recovery for those who go through a spinal cord injury.

Do you have any plans/goals for future spinal cord injury events?

I am definitely going to take part in next year’s Wings For Life World Run, and then I am aiming to run a half-marathon in 2023 to raise money for both spinal cord research and the hospital that I stayed in during my recovery.


To find out more about the run click the link below:

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