Therapy Thursday – Pretend Play!

  • 1 min

Since it’s School Holidays, we thought this Therapy Thursday could focus on the importance of supporting gross motor skills within child development and share some activities you can complete with the kids at home!

Gross motor skills are the coordination of large body parts and assist in controlling strength and movement.

Gross motor skills are crucial in a child’s development and are essential to progress their natural abilities later in life.

HenderCare Paediatric Physiotherapist, Madeline, explains how important motor skills are to a child’s development:

“The development of muscle strength, balance, and independent mobility skills plays a crucial role in children becoming active explorers of their world.

Gross motor skills are also important for developing independent self-care skills, interacting with peers during play, and encouraging active lifestyle patterns”.

‘Animal Walks’ are an imaginative play used to develop children’s gross motor skills and assist with strength/coordination.

Below are some activities to try at home:

Crab walk: used to improve core and hip strength, as well as coordination.

Bear Crawl: used to improve coordination and core/arm strength.

Frog Jumps: used to improve leg strength

Madeline regularly uses imaginative play with her clients.

“Imaginative play is not only a fun way to engage children in an activity, but it also facilitates social and emotional development.”

If you or a loved one needs physiotherapy services, you can check out more information about what we offer at HenderCare by clicking here or call our team on 1300 764 433.

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