Therapy Thursday – 12 Days of Fitness 💪

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As we head into the silly season, it’s important to keep your body moving!

This Therapy Thursday, our HenderCare Physiotherapist, Varisha, is encouraging us all to take part in her ’12 Days of Fitness Challenge’.

“Exercise is an important part of life, but with the holiday season in full swing, it can end up falling off the long list of things to do. Engaging in regular exercise has numerous benefits, both for your physical health (helps maintain cardiovascular health, reduces risk of chronic disease, builds muscle and bone strength) as well as your mental health and wellbeing – it is an amazing mood booster!”


12 Days of Fitness Challenge

1 – Plank for 20sec

2 – Tricep Dips

3 – Star Jumps (low impact – step outs)

4 – Alternating Lunges (each side)

5 – Push-ups (modified: on knees, wall push-ups)

6 – Glute Bridges

7 – Mountain Climbers (each leg)

8 – Russian twists

9 – Side Arm Raises (both arms together)

10 – Squats

11 – Calf Raises

12 – High Knees (each leg)

Just like the song, you add an exercise each day!


So, if you’re feeling a little low on motivation leading up to the end of the year, take part in our 12 days of Fitness Challenge and let us know how you go by tagging us on Instagram & Facebook.

*As always, please consult with your doctor to work out if this challenge is for you.

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