Christmas Magic: Kids can talk to Santa thanks to AI

  • 1 min

This year, holiday cheer is being spread nationwide with a heart-warming initiative that allows children to connect with Santa Claus for free using Telstra phone boxes.

In a creative idea that blends tradition with technology, the phone boxes use the power of Generative AI to enhance the accessibility of this cherished Christmas tradition to all.

The initiative revolves around incorporating Generative AI into the calls to Santa. This cutting-edge technology ensures a personalised and inclusive experience for every child, including those with disabilities.

Generative AI enables Santa to engage in dynamic, content-aware conversations, adapting to each child’s unique needs and preferences. For children with disabilities, this means a more interactive and personalised encounter with the jolly man. Whether a child prefers a slower pace, specific topics, or even alternative means of communication, the Generative AI ensures that Santa responds in a way that creates a magical and inclusive experience.

Accessibility and inclusivity shine through with this initiative, allowing every child to share Christmas wishes with Santa.

For more information on this initiative, click here.

You can call Santa from Telstra phone boxes across Australia on #46 46 46 (Ho Ho Ho) until Christmas Eve!

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