Paediatric school assessment

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It is well known that the early years of a child’s life provide a crucial time to help best support a child to thrive and meet key developmental goals.

Understanding the importance of this period and the beneficial results of Early Childhood Early Intervention (ECEI), at HenderCare we offer an Early Childhood Screening Program.

In our innovative program, Allied Health professionals attend your school or kindergarten. Through short, non-intrusive assessments, we provide qualified information and reporting, helping to identify those children who may benefit from further ECEI services.

Whilst not diagnostic in nature, this program provides parents and educators with critical information that can help inform decisions around the best ways to support the child as they grow.

HenderCare’s Allied Health Manager in WA, explained to us why this unique program can be so beneficial in schools and kindy’s.

“HenderCare’s school partnership programs aim to improve the educational experience and outcomes for children with additional needs. Our allied health team provide therapy on site at schools to promote cohesiveness and collaboration with the child’s wider network. We are passionate about maximising each child’s learning potential and their inclusivity at school, home and the community.”

What we offer:

Formal School partnerships and screening packages, allowing us to tailor supports to your school and for the therapy team to immerse themselves within your school community.

Multidisciplinary School based therapy (SP/OT assessment and intervention). Our therapists work together to provide services to students who are privately funded, school funded or NDIS funded.

Teacher mentoring programs – we deliver evidence based support for classroom goal setting; review of current programs and education on milestone red flags.

Professional Development – face to face or webinar upskilling tailored to the schools needs. Family coaching can be delivered, as well as kindergarten orientation workshops.

How to get in contact:

Our Allied Health team are currently taking on new referrals for assessment and intervention with an immediate start. Click here to use our referral form.

For information on our school partnerships and screening programs, please contact our Allied Health manager, Zoe on 61194828.

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