Our Land. Our Future: How We Can Help to Restore Our Planet

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Here are some easy daily habits that can make a big difference in restoring land, preventing desertification, and saving water.

This World Environment Day, the theme is “Our Land. Our Future: Land Restoration, Desertification, and Drought Resilience.” It’s a call to action for all of us to make positive changes and help our planet.

Why Land Restoration Matters

The United Nations (UN) reports that up to 40% of the world’s land is damaged, affecting half of the global population and threatening half of the world’s wealth. Droughts have increased by 29% since 2000. Without urgent action, droughts could impact over three-quarters of the world’s people by 2050.

Water is essential for all life, and together we can make a big difference. While we can’t turn back time, we can take steps to support the environment, revive water sources, and restore our soil.

Simple Daily Habits to Make a Big Difference

  1. Fixing leaks: Notice a dripping tap? Fixing leaks can save a lot of water.
  2. Saving water: Turn off the water while brushing your teeth or washing dishes.
  3. Use reusable items: Consider choosing reusable bags, bottles, and containers instead of single-use plastics.
  4. Manage food waste: Food waste is a major part of household trash. Use the green bin for food waste to help reduce landfills and enrich the soil.
  5. Support local farmers: Love fresh produce? Buying local helps to reduce pollution from transporting food and supports sustainable products.

Let’s commit to being part of #GenerationRestoration. By adopting these simple habits, we can help restore land, stop desertification, and save water.

To learn more, click here to visit the United Nations website and read the ‘Practical Guide’ on ensuring a healthier, more sustainable future for everyone.

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