National Psychology Week 2021

  • 2 mins

In 2021 Psychology Week is exploring the role psychology plays in the workplace. We spoke with HenderCare Psychologist, Vicky Waldren, about how to get involved this Psychology Week.  

“COVID has added an extra layer of stress to the working environment for many. Working with people is incredibly rewarding but also can present a number of challenges and unique stresses.” 

“For me, a mentally healthy workplace is one where;

  • There is a culture where raising issues of concern is not just accepted but promoted 
  • Colleagues check in on each other informally 
  • There is clear information about who to talk to about issues and where to go to get extra help.” 

The focus of this year’s National Psychology Week, ‘Exploring the role of psychology in the workplace’, gives everyone a chance to participate in free online events that focus on wellbeing and positive mental health in the workplace.

We encourage those who are available to have a look at the Psychology Week website, click here to have a closer look at the available events.

Event 1: looking at “what it means to be a mentally healthy workplace, and the role every business, employer and employee can play”. Click here to view the event

Event 2: “Your work, your way” – boosting your wellbeing, passion and meaning at work. Click here to view the event.

HenderCare reminds all our team members that we offer an Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) for anyone who may be struggling with their mental health. To find out more about the program, please visit our Staff Wellbeing Programme webpage here for further information. 

To find out more about psychology week visit the Psychology Week website here  

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