Introducing Shooting Stars πŸ’«

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Earlier this year, HenderCare announced the recipients of the 2022 HenderCare Foundation Remote Communities Grant and the HenderCare Foundation Disability Grant.

HenderCare Foundation is proud to introduce Shooting Stars, the recipient of the HenderCare Foundation Remote Communities Grant.

Shooting Stars is an initiative of Glass Jar Australia, which empowers Aboriginal girls and women to make informed choices about their education and employment journey. Based in Western Australia and South Australia, Shooting Stars aims to strengthen confidence and cultural identity and cultivate positive attitudes that will allow their participants to make healthy and informed decisions for themselves.

A program run within Shooting Stars, Deadly Minds Matter, provides Aboriginal girls with opportunities to develop positive social and emotional well-being skills and mental health strategies, enabling them to respond and adapt to emerging challenges as they progress through life.

The grant from the HenderCare Foundation will be used to assist with the costs of the Deadly Minds Matter program, e.g., staff, facilities, equipment, materials etc.

We are very excited to see Shooting Stars use the grant to support their participants through the Deadly Minds Matter program!

We look forward to updating you on their progress throughout the year.

To learn more about Shooting Stars or the Deadly Minds Matter Program, click here.

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