Get to know us: Disability Intake and Engagement

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Did you know? HenderCare employees go through a carefully considered process to ensure they have the right skills, attributes and the passion for making a difference in the disability sector. 

We spoke with Dilushi Fonseka one of our Disability Intake and Engagement Consultants, about why she loves her role.   

Why do you love working with clients?  

Being involved in creating a safe environment where people we support are empowered to live a life that is as independent as possible, and one that helps them reach their goals and maximum potential is something beyond a job. The satisfaction I get in knowing that I have made a difference to someone in need is beyond measure.  

What can NDIS participants expect when they are looking for a new service provider?  

NDIS is about choice and control; therefore, participants should look for a provider that could can provide supports tailored to their individual needs and circumstances. They should also look for a provider that follows national disability standards and employs suitably qualified support workers for the job.  Most importantly, participants should choose a provider with a strong commitment to policies to ensure quality and safeguards.  

How is HenderCare different?  

HenderCare offers a wide range of services such as clinical care, disability supports, allied health, psychosocial supports and behavioural supports. This allows clients to receive a variety of services under one umbrella, which creates a flexible and compatible ecosystem around their supports. HenderCare employees go through a carefully considered selection criteria process to ensure they have the right skills, attributes and passion for making a difference in the disability sector. 


To find out more about our NDIS services, click here. 

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