‘Get the most out of your veggies’

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This week is National Nutrition Week and this year’s focus is making the most of your vegetables.

Did you know?

  • 91% of Australian’s are not eating enough vegetables
  • 72% of consumers state affordability is impacting consumption of vegetables
  • 70% of household waste is edible
  • 44% state their vegetables end up going to waste
  • Australia households throw away around 1 in 5 bags of groceries
  • Food waste costs households $2k – $2.5k per year


The statistics are confronting and highlight the importance of increasing vegetable intake and limiting food wastage.

At HenderCare, we want to promote a healthy approach to eating so here are some tips to increase your veggie intake and limit the amount of food being wasted.

Plan ahead – Plan your meals in advance by using a meal planner.

  • gives an oversight on the quantity of food required and prevents wastage
  • saves time and mental fatigue later in the week (winner winner, healthy chicken dinner 😉)
  • budget-friendly

Shop smart to save money – Utilise sale items and purchase ‘imperfect’ foods.

  • buying ‘imperfect’ food prevents food wastage
  • shopping around and sourcing local veggies save money
  • planning budget friendly meals saves money

For budget friendly recipes, click here.

 Love your leftovers – Re-use your leftover food

  • saves money
  • reduces food wastage
  • lunch is sorted!

For further information or resources on National Nutrition Week, please see the Tryfor5 website here.

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