Flexibility at HenderCare

  • 2 mins

Working in community care is not only personally rewarding, but it also offers flexibility to suit your lifestyle.

At HenderCare, our team members who work in the community have the option to select the hours they work. Whether they have children that need to be collected from school, need time off over school holidays, or require flexibility around study or other commitments, our roles allow team members to fit work around their schedule.

A large part of HenderCare’s commitment to our team members is around delivering a great work-life balance, and we understand that flexibility is a big part of this.

We spoke with some of our team members about the benefits of HenderCare’s unique approach to flexible working arrangements.

“As a single parent with two daughters, I was able to work hours that suited me. Then as they grew up, I was able to adjust my work commitments to suit myself.”  – Susy

Whether working around family commitments or enjoying time for themselves, our team members are able to do so because of the flexibility the roles at HenderCare offer.

“I can go for my run, Zumba, and have a cuppa with friends.”- Sue

We value the time and effort our team members put into community care and like to make sure they are taking the time to look after themselves.

“The flexibility at HenderCare allows me to look after myself while I’m looking after others; it’s just great!” – Debbie

If a flexible role is something you are looking for, contact HenderCare on 1300 764 433 or apply now



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