FaceTime Tips

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With COVID-19 changing a number of our travel plans, we understand that many of you may be away from friends and family over the holiday period.

Video calls can be a great way to connect with others, so to assist you we’ve put together some tips that might help you stay in touch with loved ones this Christmas.

Preparing for a video call:

  • If you struggle with using video chat technology, there are many resources online, including videos and step-by-step instructions on how to use FaceTime and Zoom. Click here for tips on using FaceTime with your iPhone, iPad, or Ipod touch. 
  • Place your device on a firm surface, this will free your hands for gesturing and showing objects.
  • Make the call in a well lit area.
  • Minimise background noise.
  • Start with shorter calls (less than 10 minutes) and increase the length as calls become more engaging and part of your routine.
  • Make the call part of your routine, so children, friends or family members come to expect and get used to calls.

Keep the call engaging:

  • Use songs and games to capture babies’ attention.
  • Find interactive activities that you can do with your children by video chat, like baking, playing games or reading books together.
  • For parents, bring family members into the day-to-day routine by making the video call as you do routine activities, such as meal time or bedtime etc.
  • Try out various filters or virtual backgrounds (built into apps).
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