Employee Spotlight: Meet Suzanne!

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At HenderCare, we encourage our staff to pursue their professional development journey and strive to provide the support and flexibility needed for them to successfully work and study simultaneously.

We are excited to talk about Suzanne Simpson, who has been working with us for nearly ten years and has some exciting news that she has allowed us to share with you all.

Suzanne has recently graduated with a Bachelor of Justice and Legal Studies!

 We recently interviewed Suzanne to learn more about her journey towards this achievement.

What is your current role with HenderCare?

I am currently a Domestic Assistance (DA) field worker in Queensland. I have enjoyed assisting veterans since 2014.

What prompted you to return to study?

In 2005, I completed a previous degree which was a Bachelor of Business Studies.  During this course, I completed electives in law. So, I decided to return to study in 2021 and learn more about this area.

How were you supported when returning to university?

Having the flexibility of the hours I work, I managed to study and work at the same time. [I also had] the support of Hendercare staff, clients, and my son Alexander who is also studying a clinical physiology degree.

What were some of your highlights during this study experience?

Returning to university also included being a volunteer mentor for new students for the last two years of my degree. I found this very rewarding.

How did you balance your work and personal life with this new commitment?

Hendercare was very encouraging [during] the last three years, which included being supportive when I needed to attend exams. I also tried to be as organised as possible in scheduling study and research time for upcoming assignments, reports, and exams.

What are you looking forward to achieving in the future?

[As] my hobbies include travelling, reading, learning about other cultures, and helping the community, my future goals are to continue to help the community both domestically and internationally, do more international travel and possibly learn a new language.

We are thrilled to congratulate Suzanne on her achievements and look forward to the amazing things she will do in her role with us at HenderCare.

Cheers to Suzanne!

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