Complaint or incident?

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When it comes to logging complaints or incidents, it is important to understand the difference between the two. Generally speaking, a complaint is considered to be a verbal or written expression of concern, dissatisfaction or frustration. This is different from an incident, which will involve an event or circumstance where a team member or service recipient experiences a negative impact on their health or safety and wellbeing.

Some general examples of complaints and incidents are listed below. Remember, if in doubt when logging an incident or complaint, please call your Service Delivery and Rostering Officer on 1300 764 433.


“I had to wait on the phone for too long.”

“You did not provide me with the information that I needed.”

“I requested an item and it was not provided to me.”

“You took too long to respond to my question.”


“The ladder fell on me causing a leg injury.”

“The person became verbally abusive and I felt threatened and unsafe.”

“My colleague acted unprofessionally which caused obvious distress to the client.”

If you are unsure if something should be reported, please always call HenderCare to confirm before deciding on whether or not to proceed. Complaints, even small ones, can often turn into incidents if left ignored so your reporting is essential to keep yourself, fellow team members and service recipients safe.


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