Benefits of vertical play

  • 1 min

Did you know that performing tasks on vertical surfaces such as easels, chalk boards, white boards and similar, can have many therapeutic benefits?

We spoke with HenderCare’s General Manager, Allied Health about the benefits of vertical play.

“From birth to early childhood and beyond, children utilise multiple senses to help them understand the big wide world around them. Trying out tasks and activities in different positions and orientations (i.e. engaging the vestibular or positional sense) can also have multiple benefits to a child’s development and grasp of more complex tasks, like drawing and writing. Here is a list of great fun activity ideas that you might like to try out with your child.”

Vertical play activities:
• Play with shaving cream on a mirror or window
• Colouring or painting on easels, chalkboards, windows or paper taped to wall
• Play with magnets on a fridge or magnet board
• Window stickers
• Cleaning windows
• Felt boards

This long weekend, why don’t you get creative with your child’s play and take a look at it from a new perspective?

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