Australian Schools Plus – End of year update

  • 2 mins

As 2023 draws to a close, it’s a great time to acknowledge and showcase all that was accomplished by the recipient of the HenderCare Foundation Disability Grant, Australian Schools Plus.

Australian Schools Plus used the Disability Grant to assist Errington Special Education Centre in obtaining a range of specialised equipment designed to increase activity levels and develop the sensory-motor skills of students.

With the support received, the school have introduced vibrant ‘Edumarkings’ around the campus, creating engaging spaces for innovative learning experiences.

At the heart of this transformation, enthusiastic middle school students are utilising the new Four-Square Court. This dynamic space has become a hub for a unique math lesson, blending counting and colours with the use of small bean bags. The students have progressed to using a target, where they explore numbers up to 20 by throwing bean bags and adding them up – turning math into an active and enjoyable activity!

One of the Year 9 students can be found concentrating on counting while interacting with the Giant Number Dragon marking. This hands-on approach to math enhances understanding and makes learning an immersive experience.

Beyond the classrooms, the Adventure Trail, running along the connecting walkway between the four sub-schools, has become a centre of exploration for students ranging from 5 to 18 years old. Students navigate different movements on this exciting trail, fostering both physical activity and cognitive development.

Excitement is building among the students as they await the arrival of a new inflatable slide, complete with the school’s new logo. This addition will not only promote fun and laughter but also opportunities for physical activity and risk-taking. Many students are eagerly anticipating the thrill and challenges that the inflatable slide will bring.

HenderCare is thrilled to announce that we will continue to support Australian Schools Plus, as they have been awarded the Disability Grant again!

To learn more about Australian Schools Plus, click here.

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