Shooting Stars Update

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Since our last update, the 2022 HenderCare Remote Communities grant recipient, Shooting Stars, has been busy.

They have continued to provide participants with their holistic mental health and wellbeing program, Deadly Minds Matter, but have also held a successful community event in Whyalla!

Throughout the term, Deadly Minds Matter program participants learnt various skills and preventative mental health strategies, building a figurative ‘toolbox’ that can be drawn upon if times ever get tough.

The community netball event at the end of the term allowed Shooting Stars participants to celebrate and take pride in what they have learned and achieved. Incorporating a team sport like netball links with a key priority in Deadly Minds Matter: exploring the relationship between physical activity and social/emotional well-being.

The event was attended by 30 Shooting Stars participants from Whyalla’s Stuart, Hincks Avenue and Nicolson Avenue primary schools, along with Whyalla Secondary College. Several guests were also invited to attend the community event, which served as an opportunity to celebrate and reiterate the program’s emphasis on connection with family and community.

There were school representatives, corporate partners, friends, and family members, with the students particularly excited to host special guests – Hannah and Matilda (Tilly) from the Adelaide Thunderbirds.

The event commenced with an Acknowledgement of Country, delivered by two Shooting Stars participants as they showcased respect and leadership. It set the tone for a day of coming together and participation from all.

Even the adults joined in with the day’s agenda of group activities, netball matches and the occasional ‘flashmobs,’ where everyone would stop what they were doing and join in with dances like the YMCA or the Nutbush.

“Togetherness was the theme of the day,” said Stacey Gray, Regional Manager of Shooting Stars in South Australia.

“The outcomes for this program are so important for the girls’ mental health and well-being as they navigate challenges. To be able to offer that support to the girls is amazing.”

We will update you on Shooting Stars’ progress as we reach the end of the year.

Click here to learn more about Shooting Stars.

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