Introducing the HenderCare Foundation Grant recipients!

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As part of the HenderCare Foundation’s continued support of the community, selected charitable organisations receive a significant donation each year through a relationship between the Foundation and the Morialta Trust.

Proudly sponsoring the HenderCare Foundation Remote Communities Grant & the HenderCare Foundation Disability Grant – we are very excited to announce the 2023 recipients:

HenderCare Foundation Disability Grant – Australian Schools Plus

HenderCare Foundation Remote Communities Grant – Children’s Charity Network & CareFlight

How do these organisations plan to use their grants?

Australian Schools Plus

This project builds on last year’s HenderCare Foundation funding, which enabled the school to purchase a range of specialised equipment to help its students with severe intellectual disabilities and sensory needs increase their activity levels to support their overall well-being, learning, and growth.

Children’s Charity Network

Run by the Children’s Charity Network, the Young Indigenous Teens program is a mentoring program that supports underrepresented young indigenous teens in the South Australian region and improves their resilience and mental well-being. The program includes psycho-educational art and literary workshops to create opportunities for social connection and to build skills and knowledge for improved mental health.


CareFlight’s Sick and Injured Kids in the Bush program aims to address the need for specialist paediatric clinical training and reduce high child mortality rates in rural and remote areas.

CareFlight will deliver a Sick and Injured Kids in the Bush Workshop to ensure clinicians can access specialist emergency training that is otherwise unavailable in rural and remote areas. The training they receive will increase their knowledge and skills, critical to improving young patients’ survival prospects and long-term health outcomes.

We look forward to updating you on their progress over the next 12 months!

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