What is Telehealth?

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COVID-19 is having an impact on the way that people are accessing their regular health services.

With community social distancing now in place, many providers, including HenderCare, are looking at alternative ways to ensure clients are able to more safely access the services they need.

HenderCare’s Allied Health team will continue to provide services during COVID-19 and will now be offering Telehealth services to ensure participants still have access to their therapists but from a social distance.

Telehealth is the use of technology to facilitate virtual appointments with participants, allowing communication to take place online.

Our allied health therapists use Microsoft Teams, for all online Telehealth appointments, whilst the physiotherapists will be utilising Physitrack, a physio-focused telehealth platform.

Physitrack allows therapists to run through exercises in an engaging format, providing real-time data throughout the virtual appointment to assess the client as efficiently as possible. A great feature of Physitrack is screen share, allowing therapists to run through multiple exercises during consultations.

The telehealth platform is accessible in any browser or through the Physitrack app and available on any device.

Telehealth will allow participants to continue to work on their individual goals and maintain a healthy lifestyle in the comfort of their home.

Next week we will be speaking to HenderCare’s Senior Physiotherapist, Varisha Patel, on how physiotherapy services can be conducted using Physitrack.

For more information on how Telehealth could help you during this time, please contact our allied health team on 1300 764 433 or via email at alliedhealth@hendercare.com.au
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