We’re live on Clickability!

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As a panel provider for the Lifetime Support Authority (LSA), we support South Australians who have been seriously injured in motor vehicle accidents.

The LSA has been working with Clickability to offer even greater transparency to Lifetime Support Scheme (LSS) participants.

Clickability is a platform designed to help Australians find out more about what disability and aged care services are available to them. Participants can also leave reviews about the services they receive. In South Australia, the LSA has invited all of their Attendant Care panel providers to register with Clickability.

This means every LSS participant can thoroughly research their care options, and provide feedback about the services they receive.

You can check out our profile on Clickability here.

Our commitment to transparency

Libby Burns, our National Disability & Allied Health Services Manager, said it was important that participants felt confident in their ability to offer feedback about the support they receive. “We always encourage participants to let us know how their service is going.

Having a profile on Clickability means the participants we support through the Lifetime Support Scheme now have an additional way to help us make sure we are offering only the very best care and support,” she said.

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