Telehealth for Psychology

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During this time of the coronavirus (COVID-19) we understand that people may be feeling more anxious than normal. However, having contact and conversations with others is more important now than ever.

At HenderCare, we want to assure you that we are putting measures in place to be able to continue to provide care and to ease any pressures that you may be feeling at this time.
One way that we can ensure our services can continue is using telehealth to connect and communicate with clients. Telehealth allows consultations and assessments to continue in a face-to-face format whilst allowing our workers to provide exercises and activities.

A very important service that will continue through this period are psychology assessments. Due to the face to face nature of a psychology session, continuing our assessments using telehealth services will not create any interruption in providing the service.

The HenderCare psychology team will be using telehealth program Coviu, to provide assessments and can be accessed by service recipients using a tablet, mobile phone or laptop as long as a webcam is available.

Each session runs for an hour, and the psychologists can work with the client on several different areas including trauma, mindfulness, relaxation and cognitive therapy. Telehealth psychology provides the opportunity for clients to feel completely comfortable by being in their own home.
This is often a more enjoyable experience for clients, particularly for those who find in-person assessments difficult. It also provides psychologists with an opportunity to build a great rapport with their client by learning about his or her surroundings.

When a service recipient starts their services with the HenderCare psychology team, they will begin with a clinical interview and discuss any presenting issues. The psychologists are then able to provide immediate strategies for the client to work through.

Telehealth may not be able to cover all psychology sessions, including cognitive assessments where clients may need to use specific equipment, and these sessions will need to be undertaken in person. For these sessions, the HenderCare psychologists will be taking every precaution to ensure both clients and staff are as healthy and safe as possible.

We would like to remind people that HenderCare’s psychology services are available to clients nationwide and all sessions, both in-person and online can be booked immediately with no waitlists.

For more information on the psychology services provided by HenderCare, visit:

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