Telehealth for Physiotherapy

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With the Coronavirus (COVID-19) changing the way all of us go about our daily lives, the health industry is working to ensure that those who need continued care and support still receive it during this unusual period.

At HenderCare, our Allied Health services will continue to be available to clients but with the health and safety of our clients and team of paramount importance, we will now be offering Telehealth services. This will allow us to continue providing consultations and therapy sessions in line with social distancing requirements.

We sat down with one of our Allied Health Physiotherapists, Varisha, to tell us more about how the physiotherapy team at HenderCare will utilise Telehealth in maintaining services with clients and ensuring they get the most of each virtual consultation.

“We can offer a range of physio services online, from completion of a mobility assessment and provision of a home exercise program, to observational assessments and provision of recommendations around transfers or manual handling (mainly for support workers).

The types of exercises that can be completed through this medium include strength-based exercises, some balance exercises (this may require another person assisting/support worker to ensure safety), ranging exercises (stretching) as well as Pilates based exercises.”

The physiotherapy team at HenderCare are focused on ensuring these virtual services are built to replicate an in-person session as closely as possible.
“Our staff are experienced in the provision of home exercise programs and we will tailor the exercises and intervention to ensure that they are effective when delivered through the telehealth consultation.

We can obtain most of the same information as we would in a physical consultation, and through the use of validated and standardised assessments we will still be able to obtain a sound understanding of your function, to be able to tailor an exercise program to meet your needs.”

The HenderCare Allied Health physiotherapy team will be utilising the telehealth platform, Physitrack, to communicate with clients, which can be accessed using a computer or smart phone with a front facing camera.

“Physitrack is an online exercise software that we use to create tailored exercise programs for our clients. They have a large database of exercises each demonstrated with a video and written instructions, to ensure that clients know exactly how to complete the exercises.

It also has a video calling software that can be used to complete telehealth consultations and sessions, so that the client and Physio can go through an exercise intervention together.

To access these online services, you will require internet connection, ideally a desktop or laptop (but this can be done on a tablet or phone as well) and yourself and/or a support person.
We will be able to send you a link to your email address and all you will need to do is press on that link to begin the video session.”

The Telehealth service option may not be suitable for every client and this will be discussed with each client individually, but Varisha says the virtual consultations can be a great option for those who have specific goals and the Allied Health team can work alongside them to ensure these are met.

“We will complete an initial consultation with clients who are interested in accessing these kinds of consultations, to ensure that they are in fact safe to complete exercises on their own/ or the service they are requesting can be completed online.
Anyone who would like to complete exercises to improve their mobility, function, range, strength and balance is eligible to enquire.”

In a case where the telehealth option isn’t suitable for a client, Varisha says the team will refer the client onto specialist services if they are unable to provide what the client requires.
Varisha says providing these virtual services will ensure clients can continue to improve in their own personal health and fitness goals during a time of uncertainty.

“It is very important that clients maintain their physio services, as they can assist clients in meeting their identified mobility goals and can work to prevent further functional deterioration.
It is important for everyone to keep active, and through our online services we can ensure that clients can continue to access physio in a safe and effective manner.”

For more information on how our physiotherapists and our other allied health services can help you at home today, please call 1300 764 433 or email

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