Supporting the Autism SA Recognition Awards

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We are proud to sponsor the HenderCare Special Inspiration Award at the annual Autism SA Recognition Awards. At HenderCare, we appreciate the importance of celebrating the achievements of people with a disability, as well as acknowledging the contributions of the people who support them.

Pictured: Alice Robinson, Casey Waterhouse and her younger brother Zac.

Our National Marketing & Communications Manager Alice Robinson was delighted to be at the Autism SA Recognition Awards. “We know that solid support networks make a tremendous difference to people with a disability. It’s a pleasure to support this award that is a special opportunity to acknowledge the carers and parents of people who have autism.”

The HenderCare Special Inspiration Award

This award recognises:

• a parent or carer of a person who is on the autism spectrum who has made a significant contribution to the family, autism community or wider community
• an inspirational role model for other parents or carers
• a person who has made a contribution toward increasing awareness or understanding of autism

Celebrating Lucinda, Casey and Amanda’s contributions

Lucinda Vonthetoff and Casey Waterhouse received special commendations, and Amanda Porter received the HenderCare Special Inspiration Award. The Autism SA judging panel shared with us the reasons why Lucinda, Casey and Amanda were chosen for the Special Inspiration category:

Lucinda Vonthetoff

Lucinda Vonthetoff is a 15 year old girl who supports her mother in helping her 12 year old sister who has an intellectual disability and is on the autism spectrum. Lucinda has been involved in all of her sister’s learning and therapy and is a fantastic role model to her sister. Lucinda’s future goals are to train animals as therapy animals for people with disabilities and aged care.

Casey Waterhouse

Casey Waterhouse is a 14 year old girl who is a junior carer to her 12 year old brother who is on the autism spectrum. Casey ensures her relationship with him is totally inclusive continually, and has developed a caring nature that exceeds her 14 years on this earth. She is always very invested in special needs events/programs and makes an amazing effort with all people on the autism spectrum and the autism community.

Amanda Porter

Amanda Porter has a young boy on the autism spectrum and is also on the spectrum herself. She runs Autism Toolbox that provides information, blogs and resources, both educational and sensory. Amanda is also a supporter of Asperlutely Autsome and is an inspiration to those all around her.

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