Purchasing PPE with NDIS funding

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Here at HenderCare we understand COVID-19 has changed the way many of us go about our daily lives. For so many NDIS participants, particularly those living in areas with active COVID-19 cases, it has become increasingly important Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is easily accessible to ensure protection for both participants and workers.

The NDIA have recently put in place temporary measures to protect both participants and workers and ensure participants have continued access to PPE without it impacting on their budgets.

Below is information provided by the NDIS on their website:

Participants can purchase PPE if they;

  • receive an average of at least one hour a day of face-to-face daily living supports, and
  • live in New South Wales, Victoria and restricted parts of Queensland.

Plan and self-managed participants can purchase PPE and record and claim their purchases in the usual way. Agency-managed participants can purchase PPE through registered providers.

If you need PPE items like face masks, face shields and gloves, and the use of these items is directly related to your face-to-face daily living supports, you can use your core supports budget to purchase these items.

Previously only participants who used PPE as a regular part of their support arrangements were able to access PPE through their NDIS funds.
The use of funds towards PPE is for use in the home. For those wanting to purchase PPE for outside the home, this is currently still considered an everyday item. Additionally, the purchase of hand sanitiser is also considered a personal expense but in cases where an individual may require more than their usual use of hand sanitiser, you are able to utilise the Low Cost Disability-Related Health Consumables line item in your core supports budget to purchase hand sanitiser.

HenderCare has continued to provide assistance to participants throughout COVID-19 and ensured all support workers are provided with the correct PPE to continue to provide services in a COVID-safe manner.

Both participants and support workers have received regular updates and HenderCare has put in place an email for support workers to contact when they do require further PPE.

The safety of our participants and those assisting them in their homes is our priority and we will continue to follow updates and monitor them as they come to ensure we are providing the best care for all participants and to ensure our workers are as well-equipped as possible.

For more information on how NDIS funds can be used when purchasing PPE, click here.

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