NDIS encouraging collaboration

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The NDIS has published a case study exploring how collaboration and innovative thinking from digital start-ups are making a real difference to people with disability.

Thinking outside the box when looking for solutions to longstanding problems is key to bringing about change.

From a start-up that is 3D printing orthoses for children with disability, to training simulations that help disability support workers assess risk, this is an exciting time for the disability community in Australia, and around the world.

The article profiles AbilityMate as an organisation who is helping change the face of disability support and empowerment in Australia. You can read the NDIS article here.

Libby Burns, our National Disability & Allied Health Manager, said that as a Registered NDIS Provider we recognise the need for continuous improvement in the disability space. “It’s always great to hear about projects that are identifying new and cost effective ways to support people with disability to live independently.”

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