Meet our Allied Health Team: Varisha, Physiotherapist

  • 2 mins

We recently sat down with HenderCare’s Senior Physiotherapist, Varisha to discuss how her skills assist older people and those living with a disability to reach their goals.

What is physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy involves the use of physical techniques to help improve a range of health indicators including movement, strength, balance and gross motor skills. As a physio, we assess every client’s individual needs and apply a variety of techniques suitable for their physical ability and goals.

How do you uniquely assist older people and those living with a disability?

This varies greatly depending on the individual’s goals, but we will often conduct an assessment which looks closely at how someone moves about their home and community. We are then able to make recommendations for exercise plans or assistive technology to help the individual in moving more efficiently and safely around their environment. We also regularly work with people returning home from a stay in hospital to help them recover quickly.

What conditions do you treat?

As a physio who specialises in working with older people and those living with a disability, I work with people with varied health conditions and mobility difficulties. Quite often I work with people living with Cerebral Palsy or acquired brain injury but our scope of work also includes working with children with autism or other psychosocial disabilities.

Why do you love your job?

Handling such a diverse clinical load, I meet so many remarkable individuals, and it always feels genuinely rewarding when you help a person meet their goals.

How do I find out more about your services?

People can call HenderCare on 1300 764 433 or email to make a booking or speak with me.

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