International Women’s Day

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International Women’s Day in 2020 celebrates the theme #EachforEqual, recognising the importance of working together to create an equal world for everyone. The theme focuses on breaking down barriers that can stand in the way of creating a more equal and fair society where opportunities are available to people no matter their gender. On this day, it is also about celebrating the many achievements of women both in Australia and across the world.

HenderCare is proudly run by CEO Amanda Blight, who says International Women’s Day “provides an opportunity to recognise the achievements of women globally.”

“Women are often the quiet achievers and it’s one day of the year when we unite to celebrate these achievements”.

The importance of International Women’s Day is not just about creating more opportunities and equality for women in the workplace and in society but overall ensuring that both men and women work together to create an equal playing field. HenderCare recently appointed Emily Welyhorskyj as COO, after four years as HenderCare’s In-house Legal Counsel and Manager Workplace Relations. Emily believes there is still room to grow and evolve when it comes to the conversation around women and their underrepresentation in senior levels of business.

“I think it is important to ensure the conversation continues to focus on giving women the same opportunities as men in the workplace.”

As the CEO of a health and community care organisation, Amanda says organisations like HenderCare often attract a female workforce and this can only be of benefit to such a field of work.

“Many of these women, in addition to their great qualifications, skills and experience, frequently have a very considered, caring approach and this is a definite plus for an organisation where its purpose is to enhance the lives of vulnerable people in our community.”

Looking to the future, Amanda is aiming for equality to become the norm in the workplace.

“I want to be able to walk into a business meeting, outside of the health and community care sector, and see an equal representation of men and women present and not think how unusual this is.”

Emily echoes this aim for the future and says she hopes for a world where equality allows people more flexibility in their lives with “men and women equally enjoying time at home and at work.”

To find out how you can get involved in International Women’s Day, click the link below for lists of events to celebrate the day or even join in one of the competitions to celebrate women from all over the world:

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