Hearing Awareness Week

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Did you know that hearing loss is more common than heart disease, cancer and diabetes?

This week we look at Hearing Awareness Week, supported by Deafness Forum Australia and World Hearing Forum. The week is all about recognising the number of Australians who suffer hearing loss everyday and understanding the signs of hearing loss, particularly as you age.

Someone who suffers from hearing loss can often have difficulty with their communication abilities and this can affect areas of their life that extend well beyond hearing. Communication issues caused by a hearing impairment can impact an individual’s ability to be socially active, participate in their community, communicate in the school or workplace or connect with friends and family.

The statistics of hearing impairment:

• Hearing loss is costing Australia $15 billion a year in health system costs and lost productivity
• Hearing loss affects 70% of people over the age of 70 and it has a huge impact on the quality of life
• It is more common than heart disease, cancer and diabetes
• 500,000 hearing aids are bought every year in Australia
• 10,000 Australian’s first language is Auslan
Common indicators of hearing loss:
• Asking people to repeat themselves
• Your family complaining the TV volume is too loud
• A ringing or buzzing sound in your ears
• Straining to hear in many situations
• Missing out on everyday sounds

There are health factors that can put you at higher risk of hearing loss. If you answer yes to the below, you may be at a slightly higher risk of hearing impairment in your lifetime:

• Do you take certain medications (including antibiotics and chemotherapy medications?
· Do you have diabetes, heart, circulation or thyroid problems?
• Are you regularly exposed to loud sounds, like live music or construction work?

Excessive noise can be damaging to the delicate parts of your ear and can eventually lead to permanent damage. If you are experiencing communication issues as a result of hearing loss, we encourage you to contact our allied health team to speak with our speech pathologists. Our speech pathologists assist children and adults with a communication difficulty find the most effective and appropriate communication support system. This may include sign language, visual support communication books or boards, voice recognition software, electronic communication devices, or text-based assistive technology.

For more information on Hearing Awareness Week and the importance of keeping on top of hearing problems, click the link below:


And for information on the speech pathology services that HenderCare can provide, click the link below or call us on 1300 764 433


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