Flu Vaccinations

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If you are considering getting the flu vaccine this year, please refer to the below important information.

Flu is easily spread. This health and safety initiative can reduce the impact of seasonal flu in your workplace and home. When you get the flu vaccine, you’re protecting yourself, your loved ones and those around you.

And through Medimobile’s partnership with World Vision, you’re also spreading good health among our nearest neighbours to help children and families in need. Visit spreadhealth.com.au to find out more.

If you are aged 65 or over, please read this important information before booking your appointment:

• The Government is funding free high-dose trivalent flu vaccines for those aged 65 and over this year. These are only available via GP clinics. Medimobile does not have access to these vaccines.

• The Government recommends the high-dose trivalent flu vaccine for those aged 65+ because they get a better immune response (better protection) from the high-dose trivalent vaccine

• The high-dose trivalent vaccine only covers 3 flu strains, but they are the most important strains for the 65+ age group

• Medimobile advises those aged 65+ go their GP to get this high-dose vaccine when it becomes available in April, rather than have the quadrivalent vaccine administered by Medimobile at work

• The quadrivalent flu vaccine covers 4 strains, including a B strain more prevalent in younger people, but is a standard dose vaccine, so it is more suitable for those aged under 65 years who generate a good immune response from a standard dose

• We are however happy to vaccinate a person aged 65+ at work using the quadrivalent designed for those aged under 65, only if the person is not likely to take the time to go to their GP and get the high-dose trivalent vaccine instead.

This is because any protection is better than none, especially in those aged 65+, as they at the highest risk of suffering complications such as pneumonia when they get sick with the flu. For this reason, we will not turn away a patient who specifically wants the quadrivalent vaccination to be administered at work

• It is not recommended that a person has the quadrivalent AND the high-dose trivalent. It is recommended that a person only has one flu vaccine per season.

• Even though it is not likely to be dangerous to have two, especially if they are given a month or more apart, but no official body recommends two vaccines per season.

What is Flu?
• A highly contagious virus that causes up to 10 days of fever, headache, lethargy, muscle aches, joint pains and cough
• Sufferers are usually confined to bed
• Disrupts the lives of millions of Australians every year
• Most people continue working with a common cold but few can work through an episode of flu

Benefits of vaccination
• Less chance of getting the flu
• Less chance of spreading the flu at work or in your home
• Improved health and wellbeing through the winter

If you have any concerns or questions, phone one of Medimobile’s in-house doctors on 1300 660 339 for free medical advice. Alternatively, you may wish to speak to your local GP.

The vaccine is safe to be given during all stages of pregnancy and breastfeeding. If you are concerned, talk to your Obstetrician or GP

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