Feedback and Complaints

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At HenderCare, we firmly believe that feedback is crucial in helping our business to grow.

With a strong focus on continuous improvement, we have recently updated our Feedback and Complaints Policy. Below is a brief FAQ to assist you in best understanding the process and how to provide feedback or lodge a complaint.
If you, or a service recipient you are supporting, wish to provide HenderCare with feedback or a complaint, we ask that you please refer to the below information. Following the below will help to ensure feedback and complaints aren’t missed and that HenderCare also ‘close the loop’ with you and ensure the situation has been addressed to your satisfaction.

Feedback and Complaints FAQs

Who can provide feedback or lodge a complaint with HenderCare?
Anyone is able to provide feedback or lodge a complaint if they wish. This can include, but is not limited to:
• Service recipients
• Service recipient family and/or friends
• Advocates acting on behalf of service recipients
• HenderCare team members
What feedback or complaints can I lodge through this process?
All types of feedback (positive, negative and general feedback) are welcome through this process. Examples may include, but are not limited to:
• Commendations
• Complaints
• Suggestions to improve system and process improvements

What are examples of information I should not lodge through this process?

Incidents, hazards and information relating to site inspections are just a few examples of information that should not be submitted through the feedback and complaints channel. If you are unsure if something would be considered feedback or a complaint, please call HenderCare’s Complaints Officer on 1300 764 433.

What is the process to lodge feedback or a complaint?

Feedback and Complaints can be voluntarily provided at any time, in any way, by any stakeholder, through any of the following methods:
• on 1300 764 433;
• by emailing;
• by clicking this online link;
• through our website;
• in person at one of our offices; or
• by mail to the Quality Department, GPO Box 2961, Adelaide SA 5001.

Once you have provided feedback via one of these channels the feedback or complaint will then be logged internally and subject to HenderCare’s 5-step complaint process. You will be responded to within two working days by HenderCare’s Complaint Officer. Further information and advice will then be provided to you based on the nature of your feedback or complaint.

To read HenderCare’s full Feedback and Complaints Procedure, please click here. We encourage all team members to review the full procedure and provide us with any feedback.

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