Call Recording

  • 2 mins

If you have recently had a phone exchange with HenderCare, chances are you would have heard us tell you that the call was being recorded. This new process has been designed to assist with training and quality purposes.

At HenderCare, we continually strive to improve the service that we are able to offer to both our clients and team members.

With so much of our business conducted over the telephone, it is important for us to be able to measure and monitor our phone conversations so we are able to improve on the service we offer.

In line with Australian telephone monitoring and recording laws, we have a duty to let the person on the other end of the phone know we will be recording the conversation. Because of this, if you call us or we call you, you may hear us say:

“We want to let you know that this call may be monitored for training and quality purposes.”

We do not wish for this statement to alarm you as it is simply intended to provide you with the information that the call is being recorded.

Call recording allows us to learn from past calls to improve our phone service and look for ways to create more streamlined conversations between our Coordinators, team members, referral partners and service recipients.

If you do not wish for your call to be recorded, you just need to let the Coordinator know and they can call you back from an alternate phone line which is not recorded.

We appreciate your assistance with this process which is designed to improve your overall experience with us.

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