April Falls Month

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April Falls Month might sound a little like April Fool’s Day, but this awareness month is no laughing matter.

Older Australians are at a higher risk of life-changing falls and while this can sometimes be a related part of the ageing process there are a number of preventative measures that can be put in place to help minimise this risk.

Importantly, physiotherapists can play a vital role in the prevention of falls for older members of our community, helping place them on a more independent and safer path for the future. Physiotherapists are able to provide tips and strategies in the individual’s everyday life from their home environment to equipment such as a walker to use in their home or community. There are a number of reasons older Australians are more prone to having a fall than those of younger generations. Contributing factors include: general loss of strength, a medical condition or episode or a lack of exercise and isolation in their home.

We spoke to HenderCare physiotherapist, Madeline Dal Corobbo about how HenderCare is helping clients protect themselves from these types of incidents and how big an impact physiotherapy can have on the physical and mental wellbeing of older Australians.

“The HenderCare Physiotherapy Team can work with you to create an individually tailored exercise program that suits your level of ability and can be done with a Physiotherapist in the comfort of your home.  Our Physiotherapy Team can also create an individually tailored Home Exercise Program that you can do independently. An exercise program may include strength-based exercises, mobility practice and/or balance exercises. To improve your balance and reduce the risk of falls, it is important to challenge your balance in ways that may be outside your comfort zone. However, doing these exercises with a Physiotherapist can ensure that you stay safe and have the help you need to improve your balance. The HenderCare physiotherapy team will also work closely with you to identify your personal goals and implement a program that is directed at achieving these goals. Our Physiotherapists understand that falls can be a cause of anxiety and fear for older Australians and that improving your confidence is just as important as improving your strength, mobility and balance”.

To find out more about what services the HenderCare Allied health team can provide, follow the link: https://www.hendercare.com.au/services/allied-health/

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