Staff Reminder: Training & Staff Portal Updates

  • 3 mins

A reminder for staff that there have been some changes made online when accessing policies, procedures, forms and training.
You can now access these by logging into your Qintil account. Access to the Staff Portal will be redirected to Qintil from now on.
With these changes now being put in place, there will still be some policies that will require you to view the file and ‘mark as read’.
The following Qintil help article explains how you can do this here.
New online forms
In Qintil you can now access links to the following online forms:
• Report an incident*
• Lodge feedback (including complaints)
To access these, log into your Qintil account, click on ‘My Tasks’ and scroll down to ‘Online Forms’. Once completed, these forms will be submitted to HenderCare for further action.
*HenderCare Foundation workers must continue using the Critical Incident Report Form in relation to incidents involving children and young people in care.
Login credentials
Your email address is your username. If you happen to forget your password, please use the ‘Forget my password?’ link on the login page. HenderCare is unable to reset your password on your behalf.
Please contact your local HR team if you’re having any difficulty logging in.
Online training
There are a number of new courses on Qintil. Which ones you are required to complete will depend on the services you are employed to provide.
– You can now access the following training through Qintil:
· Supporting People to Stay Infection Free – required for all HenderCare and HenderCare Foundation workers
· Restrictive Practices in Disability Services – requiredfor HenderCare workers providing personal care services
· Positive Behaviour Support Plans – will be released in the coming days, required forHenderCare workers providing personal care services
If the course does not appear in your list, please contact
When emailing us, please remember to include your full name, which state you’re in and the position you’re employed for.
We appreciate your patience whilst we process everyone’s online training and will endeavour to process each certificate and arrange remuneration for required training as soon as possible.
First Aid, CPR and Manual Handling (person transfers) training
Workers with expiring certificates in either First Aid, CPR or Manual Handling are still required to undertake training face-to-face. Some providers are modifying how they deliver training to cope with the current COVID-19 requirements.
If you’re finding it difficult to obtain the required training, please consult your local HR team or email
Some training may move to online delivery and details of this will be provided to affected staff.
HenderCare Foundation training
We are moving to have most training delivered online using Microsoft Teams (similar to Skype) for webinars and Qintil for online courses.
Further details about this will be provided in the coming days.

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