PODCAST: Services you can access with a Home Care Package

  • 2 mins

Consumers are often surprised when they find out the many different services they can access with a Home Care Package. Carmen and Jon from the HenderCare team joined Chris Ilsley on Perth radio station 6PR to have a chat about how a Home Care Package could lighten the load for you at home.
How you can use your Home Care Package
Your Home Care Package is as unique as you. It will be tailored to your goals, and designed to support your independence.
When you have a Home Care Package, some of the services you can use your funds for include:
• keeping your home clean and tidy
• assisting with home and garden maintenance and modifications
• taking you shopping, or doing your shopping for you
• preparing nutritious meals with you – or for you, if you prefer!
• taking you to appointments or social engagements
• social support, which can be sharing time together over a cup of tea, or going with you to social functions
• personal care to make sure you can shower and dress yourself safely and independently
• allied health needs, including occupational therapy, speech pathology, physiotherapy and podiatry services
• assistive technology, which can be equipment or devices that help you with daily tasks, as well as communication and mobility
• nursing care, which can include wound care, managing skin integrity, continence management and medication management
Your funds can also be used for products and equipment that will assist you at home. If you need bandages, skin creams, equipment purchase or rental, home modifications (ramps, shower rails), easy-access tools (kettles, cutlery, soft taps), telehealth or emergency alarms, let us know and we can discuss how these can fit into your budget.
Let’s talk
When you’re ready to talk, we’ve got the right person to help – Marg is our Consumer & Participant Advisor, and you can reach her on (08) 8100 8850 or send her a message via margaret.parkin@hendercare.com.au. It doesn’t matter where you are in Australia, Marg will be able to speak with you and help you decide what your next steps are.


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